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"Ours had a machine that is hooked up to a vacuum type thing and the piece that did the cutting didn't actually cut but rather it vibrated. The cast technician told me that it just sort of shakes the cast apart and can't cut the baby, ever.

The first time, Bronwen really screamed but she got over it quickly once the machine stopped running. The vacuum thing sucks up a lot of the dust and particles from the cast. The cast tech who did the first cast was wonderful, and very quick.

Bronwen's skin was very, very dry and a little red looking, but after all the dead skin was washed off and the very dry skin flaked off (same day cast came off), she just looked a little red. Our doctor said that with plaster casts the skin can look like it has been burned.

I put Vaseline on Bronwen's legs the first night and put some socks over her legs and then in one of the cast sleepers with the side gussets. That way the Vaseline stayed on her legs to be absorbed. Within a week her legs looked pretty normal, except that they were so floppy and weak."

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