claudia in traction

Claudia spent 8 days in traction. She was allowed out only for meals. She is 15 months old here.

Home after traction and closed reduction

Here we are home after 9 days in the hospital. The doctor cut the tendons and performed a closed reduction.

Claudia's firetruck

Claudia quickly figured out how to shift the entire cast to propel the firetruck. She loved this thing, at least she could move around.

Claudia's table

This was her table. It was the only way she could sit and play - propped up on lots of picture.

Third cast

This is Claudia's third cast. She was really able to move the firetruck in this one. Her second cast went from her armpits to her ankles. She spent almost 5 months in casts the first go round. Here she is reading with her Daddy.

weird positions

Claudia could get into weird positions with the third cast that went only to her knees.

new braces

Because Claudia's acetabulums were not deep enough after 18 1/2 weeks in casts, her doctor put her into these braces. Her she is still not standing without leaning on something. She's 20 months old in this picture. She walked by herself for the first time ever when she was 22 months old. She was still in the braces.


This picture allows one to see how the braces could swing front and back, but still keep the head of the femur at the correct angle. She wore these for 7 1/2 months.

sleeping in braces

Claudia had to wear her braces 24 hours a day for the first 5 months. But at least we could give her a real bath! After 5 months she was able to sleep without them.


After all of the months of casts and braces it was decided that she still did not have enough coverage on either side. So she had bilateral pelvic osteotomies and ended up with 2, 4 inch pins in each hip. Ouch!

still smiling

Home after the osteotomies. This is about 3 weeks into the casts (she didn't smile too much the first week - it hurt too much). She was 27 months old.

car seat and high chair

This was Claudia's car seat. We cut the sides off so she would fit with the casts. We were unable to locate a hip spica car seat, though I knew they existed. For this, her fourth cast, this was also her high chair so she could at least get near the table.

after the osteotomy

Claudia pulled up to standing about 1 week after the cast came off and the pins came out. Notice how far apart her legs are. She was unable to bring her legs together for many months. In fact, she learned to walk with her legs spread way apart. She is 29 months old (2 1/2 years) and we think she is finally healed. What a miracle!

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