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Laura's DDH was diagnosed four days after birth. She spent 8 weeks in a Pavlich. A closed reduction was done on both hips at 2.5 months of age and she spent twelve weeks in a cast. She has slept in a brace since the cast was removed at age 6 months. The reduction was successful on the right, but unsuccessful on the left.

At approximately 10 months of age, an open reduction was done on the left and she was casted for 12 weeks. She made good progress until her two year checkup when our surgeon noticed that the hip socket wasn't making progress and Shenton's line had slipped. The ball of the femur was developing, but the hip socket wasn't progressing.

A salter osteotomy was done this spring. Laura was casted for 9 weeks. She now gets physical therapy to help her recover from the osteotomy.

Laura was born with congenital hypothyroidism. It has impacts on her ability to grow bone. Her bone age is delayed approximately a year. (She has the bone structure of a child a year younger than her). This is a common side effect of hypothyroidism. She will eventually catch up, but unfortunately, her bone development impacts the DDH. She gets her blood tested four times a year. Her growth rate is really slow and the endocrinologist is trying to decide whether or not she has a problem with her growth hormone. Growth hormone loads in children also impact DDH recovery. Laura also has mild low tone and a high range of motion (another side effect of hypothyroidism). This means that her ligaments are extremely loose and stretchy. Good for gymnastics, but bad for DDH recovery.

At this point, we are scheduled to see our surgeon in the beginning of October. I'm always hopeful about Laura's progress, but will wait for the x-rays. Laura's hips certainly looked the best that they've ever been on the last set of x-rays. Her indexes were 21 on both the left and right sides. I just worry about the impacts of hypothyroidism on the DDH. I guess we'll know where we are in a month.

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