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09/07/02 Hannah Claire was born by Cesarean Section, Examined by Pediatrician. Hip clicks noted. Double diapered first 3 weeks. (Three risk factors, First born, Girl, Breech position).

10/01/02 Orthopedic consul and x-rays. Fitted for Pavlik harness. Referral to Pediatric Orthopedist at Duke. Concern about left hip.

10/15/02 5 weeks, First visit to Duke, Pavlik replaced by Blue Rhino-kicker Pavlik harness. Diagnosis - Bilateral Congenital Hip Dysplasia.

11//05/02 2-months old, Duke visit decision made to try Von Rosen Splint, measured, splint ordered.

11/19/02 Duke visit, ultrasound followed by an examination. Left hip still very unstable.,/p>

12/03/02 Duke visit, decision to attempt closed reduction. No braces until surgery.

12/23/02 Duke visit for pre-op.

12/27/02 3 - months old, arthogram was done followed by right hip closed reduction, left hip open reduction.

02/10/03 5 months old, cast change right hip great progress, left hip still out, decision to repeat open reduction.

03/26/03 Surgery scheduled for cast change.

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