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My hip baby, Emma, was 6 months old when we received her adoption referral. We were told about her left hip being displaced since birth, but the doctors we consulted with here said that it is usually fairly easy to treat, and if not easy, at least do-able! We adopted her (and our son, a month younger) in December when she was 10 months old. At that time she was wearing a pavlik, though no one could tell us how long she had been wearing it. We were not able to bring the brace with us (my guess is it was the only one the orphanage had), so the doctors there showed us how to use a small blanket to spread her legs during our travels. Home in late December, in early January her diagnoisis was confirmed, and she was put in a pavlik for about 6 weeks. The first x-ray showed improvement, but the second one didn't. Considering she was almost a year old by that time, it's not a big surprise.

This past March she had an open reduction in by a pediatric orthopedic surgeon in Madison, WI, (Side note: Nola was VERY helpful, as this is her neck of the woods, and we very much appreciated arriving at the Ronald McDonald house at 2 in the morning after driving for 13 hours through snow and then ice storms to find a care package from her and Bronwen, with some clothes to fit, new books, and a balloon just for Emma!) with follow up x-rays being done here by a regular ortho. doc., as no pediatric ones are available. Technically, she is still under the care of the ped. dr., though as long as her x-rays continue to be good, we won't have to travel there to see him (he's 7 hours away). 12 weeks in a spica, 1 cast change. For Em, coming out of the cast was more traumatic than going in . . . it took a few weeks for her to feel like herself, and about 2 months before she lost that "stiff" look to her legs. She is now almost 19 months old, been standing for 2 months, walking for 1, and we couldn't be happier! This list has been a tremendous source of information, the best I've found on the web!

If you have any questions about this site or would like to make a suggestion, please contact us at hip-baby.org.