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I have a daughter named Alexis who just finished tx for DHD. Alexis was put in a pavlik harness when she was 1 week old and wore it until she was 7 weeks when she had closed reduction surgery and was put in one of 3 spica casts. Then she wore a hip abduction brace. Now she is 7 & 1/2 months and has been done treatment for a month now.

Throughout all of her treatment my husband and I were told several times by several people that the fact this problem was caught so early was to our advantage. I can't imagine why they would wait. If they already know that the pavlik harness isn't working and she needs surgery why is there any advantage to waiting especially when they are talking about taking her out of the pavlik harness and maybe not wearing anything. Being on the flip side of things I know that if we had waited for surgery, Alexis would not be where she is now. I really think you need to know exactly why they would wait-what are the advantages because I can only see the disadvantages. Granted I am not a doctor and every baby and situation is different.

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