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Although it's early, our story is successful so far. Eliana was diagnosed w/ DDH at 5 days old, then put into a Pavlik harness for four months by a local orthopedist (not a ped specialist). He told us her hips were improving and was about to wean us from the harness when he ordered an u/s which showed her femurs completely behind the hip sockets. We consulted with several doctors and wound up having an open reduction (both sides) at the University of Michigan when Eliana was 6.5 months old. The surgery went beautifully - much better than the doctors had expected. Eliana was in a body cast for six weeks (w/ one cast change) and then essentially full-time in a hip abduction brace for another 8 weeks. We are now out of the brace 6 hours/day (in 2-hour blocks). If our u/s next month looks good, she will be in the brace only at night. The doctor thinks all is going well, but I'm trying to be prepared for setbacks down the road, while hoping for the best. While the prospect of surgery was scary when it was first introduced, the whole thing was easier than we had anticipated. The baby was happy despite her cast, and the time actually went quickly. If all goes well I know we will have gotten off easily...

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