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Elora was born on 06/18/01 at 36.6 wks with bilateral hip dysplasia, diagnosed the same day. It was originally thought to be left only, as that was the hip more "noticable". She was frank breech throughout the entire pregnancy, and our second child (our first, a boy was born at 28 wks). I had mild pre-eclampsia (severe pre-e and HELLP with the first), and an emergency C-section after my water broke at 4:30 AM.

She was fitted for a Pavlik harness within a month, wore it (later a larger sized one) for about 3 months, and at last x-ray was pronounced to have perfect hips. Her ped ortho is Dr. Kruse from the DuPont Children's Hospital in DE (we live in northeast PA). She will be followed till age 5, but I, like many of you would really encourage the ped ortho to continue seeing her throughout puberty at least.

Elora is a bit over 15 months old now and started to really walk about a month ago. She learned to climb quite a bit before that, and could scale stairs (much to my chagrin) in record time. She's toddling all over the place now, and tries desperately to keep up with her nearly 5 year old brother!

If you have any questions about this site or would like to make a suggestion, please contact us at hip-baby.org.